Welcome to ShapeFusion!

ShapeFusion is a scenario editor for the AlephOne game engine, compatible with the original Bungie engines Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity. It's specialized on editing the scenario Shapes file (the archive holding game graphics and animations) and Sounds file (the archive holding game audio). Therefore, it must be used side by side with other editors, mainly a map editor.

The shapes editor allows to

The sounds editor allows to

ShapeFusion is written in C++ using wxWidgets and can therefore run on many operating systems, mainly Linux, MacOS X and Windows. We are ufficially supporting Linux and MacOS X.

ShapeFusion is free software, released under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

Development is carried on by Tito Dal Canton and Etienne Samson. You can follow it on the ShapeFusion mailing lists, where you can also report bugs, comments and feature requests.

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